God’s Panoply, the winner of the inaugural Illumination Book Awards in the Theology category, is a glimpse into the Jewish thinking behind Paul’s admonition: ‘Wives, submit to your husbands.’ Submit in the Hebrew language has a connotation of lift up, not put down. And it carries an ancient echo of a life-long battle companion.

God’s Poetry, the first book in the series, is now in its second edition which is substantially expanded on the original. The first edition is still available in limited supply. The second edition is the Bronze Medal winner in the eLit Awards (2013) while the first edition was an award-winning finalist in the International Book Awards (2012) Christian Inspirational section.

The third book in the series is forthcoming. God’s Pageantry explores the nature of threshold covenants.

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  1. Lynn Brown

    Anne, I’m an Elijah House trained prayer minister, and have been receiving ministry from Thea at Transformed Hearts, where a woman named Janice Brown from Australia is interning. Both of them recommended your books, particularly Pageantry, because I am leaving for Scotland on the 10th to prayer walk some places. My brother’s name is Peter, and he has received the Wallace clan quaich, and his life has since taken a drastic turn, hence my prayer walk. I am halfway through your book Pageantry, and you mention that people with name of Peter or other threshold names are of particular note in difficulties. Not sure I have time to get your book about names or which one it is….Wondering if you could give me a paragraph summary that might give me insight…or maybe I just need to finish the Pageantry book and its in there : )) ??

    Lynn (Wallace) Brown

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