About Anne:

I’m a multi award–winning author of over twenty books. I work part–time for Vision Christian Media as the Australian sub–editor of the devotionals, The Word for Today and Vision180.

As a seminar and workshop presenter, I’m happy to speak to 6 or 60 or 600 people. My specialties are presentations on name covenants and threshold covenants.

As a freelance editor and feature writer, I’ve worked for Alive magazine, Christian Woman/DayStar magazine, Christian Today Australia, CHI Books, Boom Tree Publishing, Wombat Books, Even Before Publishing and Review, the newsletter of Christian Schools Suppliers. In addition,  I have edited numerous individual books for self–publishers and appraised hundreds of manuscripts. I am the former president of  Omega Writers Inc, a support group for authors who specialise in faith–inspired work. My background is in mathematics teaching.

To inquire about speaking engagements or availability for editing, you can contact me by message via my Facebook page.


  1. To contact Anne Hamilton, simply leave a comment on any post with your enquiry. Or just type in the reply box below.

    • Hi Anne,
      I’m currently writing a book and interested in getting some info on editing.
      Could you please email me so that I can email you directly with more details.

    • David

      Hi Anne
      I heard you speak in Auckland in January and have since read a couple of your books. I have a question relating to the descendants of the Nephilim.

  2. Haylie

    Hi Anne

    I’m in the middle of reading your amazing book God’s Panopoly! I absolutely LOVE IT! When I was born, my dad accidentally put in the paper my name spelt as “Haylie” as he thought this was how everyone spelt it. But then people commented to mum “that’s an unusual way of spelling Hayley”, so it stuck and now Haylie is on my birth certificate. In all my searches there is no difference in the meaning of this name regardless of it’s spelling, however can you recommend to me websites etc that might help me to delve deeper into the meaning of this name?

    Hope to hear from you soon!


  3. Emma Mactaggart

    Dear Anne

    You very kindly reviewed my children’s picture book ‘Imagine’ on Goodreads! Thank you so very much! I was delighted to read the review and wondered if you were comfortable for me to quote the review in a website dedicated to the book?

    Please let me know.

    Kind regards

  4. Leigh Allison

    Hi! Anne, It has been a while. Even so, your interesting mind and style has stayed with me.To me, there is a curious blend of delicate poetry and powerful dynamism. My immediate need is to build a mailing list as efficiently as I can, and the advice I am taking is to place a book on Amazon for Free. I received mixed feedback from Forget the Former. I see this in part, though Destiny Image liked it. However, it did not fit their criteria at the time. I also recalled you tried to get your perspective through to me. Unfortunately I was quite bewildered about the process at that time. Nevertheless, I believe FTF has ‘something’. So, I would appreciate any suggestions you have regarding your skills in this area. Kind regards, Leigh

  5. Any Length

    HI Anne,
    I am not finished yet with the review, but left you a message on goodreads with some possible typos. Please check the message on good reads.

  6. HI Anne.
    Am trying to get in contact with you. Have found another one, but don’t have your direct email address. Please send me an email so I can send it to you. Will not leave it here, but will send you an email on goodreads.

  7. Karen Mclachlan

    Hi there i am a christian bookseller in cape town south africa and have clients requesting your books where can we purchase them wholesale


  8. Caroline Read

    Hi. I am wanting to know if your book – God’s Poetry… contains name meanings for common English names, male and female?

    Thanks. I am looking to do name meaning a4 posters for family and friends, from a Biblical perspective.

    • Hi Caroline – the book only contains a few common names, like David and Michael. They are used as examples of principles, rather than as demonstrating meaning in their own right. The range of names is not extensive.

  9. Sarah McGregor

    Morena Anne,

    Many thanks for your wonderful and insightful books.

    I am a friend of Janette Busch and was at your Christchurch
    presentation at Beckenham Baptist Church.

    I work for the Maori Anglican Church and I am preaching on Sunday 30 April,
    and the passage is the Road to Emmaeus.

    I wondered if you can remind me again of the links and connections
    from the Levite and Prostitute through Saul to the couple on the road with Jesus.

    I can find half of it in God’s Pageanetry,
    However, the link to Jesus I just cannot find by skimming all the books…

    Would you do me the honour for either pointing at the books/ pages
    I may have missed, or give me a quick run down.

    I was amazed at god’s long-game journey of redemption which stirred my heart,
    however, the details are now rusty.

    Many thanks
    Yours in Christ
    Sarah McGregor

  10. Joshua

    Hi Anne I have a very close friend who has just launched a street Evangelism book for focusing on Australia I was wondering if you know of any Australian book Suppliers she can contact? Thankyou for your time.

  11. Hi Anne,

    I have some questions on how to deal with a few issues of threshhold names, geas etc raised in your book Gods poetry. I have sent you a private message via facebook messenger.

    Kind Regards

    Sasha Bruneau-Herman

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