Constriction and Wasting



Recognise them?

Many of us find that, as we try to enter into our true calling in God, we suffer unexpected constriction or wasting. We are pummelled financially; crushed to such a degree that we can’t go on. Despite a desire to push on, despite our faith that God will come through for us at just the right moment, there comes a time when we simply have to call a halt. We know we’re putting ourselves in harm’s way. Sometimes the squeeze is so severe the best course of action is cut our losses and just suffer the wastage of all the time, effort and money already invested.



When we’ve met them once or twice, we find ourselves assailed by doubt: didn’t we hear from God? Because when we prayed, a whole set of amazing signs, confirming prophecies and even miraculous openings all lined up. Before they slammed so brutally shut.

Could the problem have been our lack of faith? Not if all we need is the size of a mustard seed. The very size of the financial loss testifies on our behalf: no, it wasn’t lack of faith.

If you’ve ever been in this situation, you know how soul-destroying it is. Some people, after being flattened by the steam roller more than once, feel God has abandoned them and throw over their faith entirely.



The thing that has surprised me the most as I’ve investigated constriction and wasting in association with destiny blockages is how common the experience is. At first, I thought it was relatively unusual. I thought that, as I looked around at people I considered successful, that they wouldn’t recognise the symptoms at all. But I’ve discovered that merely using the phrase ‘constriction and wasting’ draws out of them the comment that, as they’ve tried to move into their calling, this is exactly what they’ve experienced.

Although they appeared successful, they did not personally believe they were moving in God’s calling for them. And they immediately identified with a sense of constriction and wasting.

So, what’s the deal?

The fact is: any movement into our destiny means crossing a spiritual threshold. All such thresholds are watched by guardians, governed by covenants, protected by seals and involve inscribed stones. Unfortunately, in early twenty-first century Christianity, we’ve forgotten all this. Our innocence and ignorance hasn’t shielded us from the extraordinary peril of these liminal places.

And it’s not simple to deal with these issues. It’s hard work.

Exodus 25:18 remarks: ‘…make two cherubim out of hammered gold…’

Translated literally from the original Hebrew, this reads, ‘…make two golden cherubim, hammered out you shall make them…’

The word for hammered out is ‘miksha’, nearly identical to the Hebrew word for difficult. Jewish scholars provide this alternative rendering: ‘even if it is difficult, you shall do it.’

It’s no coincidence that cherubim are threshold guardians. Even if it’s difficult and time-consuming, we are commanded to deal with the issues involved.


  1. Good post, Annie.

  2. Anne Hamilton

    Thanks, Lyn!

  3. Hi Anne. Are you going to walk us across the threshold with an understanding of what the Cherubim are up to in assisting us face constriction and waste?

    • Anne Hamilton

      Sure thing, Ray! Would you like to get an Advanced Reader Copy of God’s Pageantry: The Threshold Guardians and the Covenant Defender? I am hoping they will be ready for people willing to review the book by May.

  4. Terrie

    Is this book available in the US? I can’t seem to find a copy available here. I’ve read, “God’s Poetry,” and am about to read, “God’s Panoply.” I know I will want to read, “God’s Pageantry,” but haven’t found it here in the US.

    Thank you for writing, Anne.

    Bless you.

  5. Christine Lane

    Hi Anne
    I have just finished reading God’s Pageantry and am overwhelmed by the revelation that has come through reading this book. I would love to find out more about thresholds and inscribed stones. Many years ago I had a dream where amongst other things, I was shown an inscribed stone with names on it, followed by the overwhelming presence of God. I have always wondered what this was about. And yes we have had many years of constriction and wasting to the degree that we have lost much. I would love to know more.

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