Seventeens in Scripture (13)

Paul lays out the qualities of an elder in the church, citing seventeen qualifications for anyone who desires such ‘a noble task’.

Now the elder must be

  1. above reproach
  2. the husband of but one wife
  3. temperate
  4. self-controlled
  5. respectable
  6. hospitable
  7. able to teach
  8. not given to drunkenness
  9. not violent
  10. gentle
  11. not quarrelsome
  12. not a lover of money
  13. able to manage his own family well
  14. able to see that his children obey him with proper respect
  15. not a recent convert
  16. not conceited
  17. possessed of a good reputation with outsiders

1 Timothy 3:1–7



  1. You are certainly having fun finding all these seventeens Annie.

    • Absolutely! I’m no good whatsoever at Sudoku, but I love finding these.

  2. LOL I’m no good at Sodoku either. But I do love this series you’re doing, Annie.

    • I’ve never quite figured out why I find Sudoku so difficult. You’d think someone who spent thirty years teaching maths would find it a snack!

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